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Revenge of the Angels

The Triplets Will Show Everyone!

The Brewster triplets are back! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but Dawn, Darby, and Delaney are facing nothing but disappointment. First, they’ve been told they won’t be getting the presents they had their hearts set on. Then, even after practicing looking wise and stroking long invisible beards, they end up not getting cast as the Three Wise Men in the annual pageant. Instead they are handed halos and wings and told they will be angels. They do not want to be angels!

When someone steals a priceless Santa doll from their favorite neighbor, it’s the last straw. It’s time to make some peace on earth and good will toward men and women – even if they have to resort to a little mayhem to achieve it. Can they protect their neighborhood, find the Santa-napper, finish their present shopping, and overcome their many disappointments? Or is their holiday spirit gone for good?

256 pages, Ages 8 and up, September, 2015, Scholastic Press
ISBN: 978-0545838993

Jennifer says . . .

The holidays are supposed to be magical – right? Good food, presents, and … no school! But it’s also a stressful time. As we get older, we start to feel the pressure of shopping, baking, arranging schedules, and other responsibilities. The gifts we want are bigger and more complicated, and less likely to fit in a box.

Eventually, we grow wiser and we realize the holidays aren’t about stuff, but about people. They’re about spreading love to those who are dear to us and reaching out to those in need. They’re a reminder of how we should behave throughout the year.

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