Some Explanation

This blog came about because several people — friends, readers of my books, people in the biz — have urged me to create one. I’m in the process of building my own website, but this proved far easier to set up.

In July of 2006 my novel Alpha Dog hit bookstores. Before that I was a ghost writer of teen mass-market fiction. “Ghost” is a good term for it. You’re there. You’re doing your thing — rattling chains or whatever — but you’re viewed as less substantial. I was a mist conjured to do specific jobs. A worker bee. After years of writing with very little fanfare, it was nice when Alpha Dog came out and “legitimized” me. I am writer. Hear me roar.

I don’t mean to belittle my mass market work. It earned me money. It served a purpose. And it gave me LOTS of practice in the field. But it was never fully my thing. That’s why I always used a pen name (IF I was given a by-line). I couldn’t take full credit for a story when it started as someone else’s plot idea. Or when I was borrowing someone else’s characters.

Alpha Dog was my baby. Me, toddling free with no help. If you’ve read it, you should know that it is very dear to my heart. It was inspired by my first pet — a sweet doggie I had for 16 years. If you haven’t read it, I’ll nutshell it so you’ll know what I keep referring to. Novel set in Austin. Girl meets dog. Mayhem ensues. Some hilarity. Some tears.

It’s for anyone who’s every truly loved a pet.

With this blog I hope to reach out to readers, faraway friends, literary voyeurs. But, like any good journal, I will also be sorting out my mental effluvia — those thoughts, big and small, that back up in my mind. (Now I’m singing Kaiser Chiefs: “c-c-c-creosote is pouring out of my brain …”)

That’s why I’ve subtitled this little space “word processor.” I’ve always worked things out this way — in speech or prose …

… Not that I’ll get THAT personal. I’ll save that for my books. (I’d insert a smiley emoticon here, but can’t figure out how!).

More anon.

Testing … 1-2-3 …

Being a blogging newbie, I am taking this baby for a test drive. This is a test, only a test. If this were an actual entry, you would be engrossed, enlightened and entertained. Please stay tuned for further updates.

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