Interview Across a Breakfast Table: Collected Works

Know what? Game cards make terrific interrogations tools.  Read on for today’s question and answer.

Chris:  If you were to start a collection now, what would it be?

Me:  I would collect art created by the brilliant artists and illustrators I’ve come to know and admire. Work from people like Patrice Barton, Linda Anderson, Jeff Crosby, Warren Cullen, Carol Dawson , David Diaz, Dan Gremminger, Shelley Ann Jackson, Mark Mitchell, Marsha Riti, Don Tate, and Clint Young — just to name a few.

What was my question for Chris today?


Interview Across a Breakfast Table: The Stuff of Nightmares

Chris asks me a doozy today. I hope he doesn’t mind fetching me water and rocking me back to sleep when I wake up screaming around 2 a.m.

Chris:  What movie character freaks you out?

Me: The Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  I don’t know if it’s because he looked like the love child of Phil Spector and Alice Cooper, or his deranged fashion sense, or the fact that he kidnapped children, but that dude had the starring role in most of my bad dreams growing up.

Fact: The character did not appear in the Ian Fleming book but was created by Roald Dahl, who wrote the movie screenplay.

So what was my question for Chris today?


Interview Across a Breakfast Table: My Sporting Chance

The questions keep coming.  Here’s what happened today…

Chris:  If you could attend any sporting event, which one would it be?

Jenny:  A quidditch match! (Muggle or magical.)

Want to know what I asked Chris?


Interview Across a Breakfast Table: Let Yourself Out

Questions continue!

Chris: What do you consider hazardous to your health?

Me: Stifling yourself. I don’t mean just biting back annoyances.  I mean hiding who you really are.

I’m convinced that holding in your honest feelings, dreams, and personality can make you ill.  I’ve seen it happen to wonderful, well-meaning people.  Whatever the reason — fear, misguided martyrdom, lack of self-worth — they become who they think they need to be rather than their true selves.  And like all things made to exist in a cage, they wither.

I know, I know. “Be yourself” is well-worn advice.  And how does one become his/her authentic self anyway? But maybe it’s as simple as this:  Stop being who you aren’t.

What question did Chris get today?



Interview Across a Breakfast Table: Where I Like to Ride My Bike

Chris and I continue our Q&A of each other, guided by the random selection of board game question cards. I have to say, I’m learning things about my handsome husband.  And I find myself pondering things I wouldn’t normally ponder.  Like with today’s question…

Chris: If you could go on a bicycle trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Me: On this one through Ireland.

Or any tour that reveals a faraway land.  But one that truly reveals it — off the beaten path, away from  tourists, taking you through scenic landscape, small villages, and other areas that typical tours won’t go.

So what question did Chris get today?



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