A Year of Unmatched Socks

Socks 2


That is my word for 2016. My overall theme, goal, mantra, and, perhaps, temporary tattoo.

The inspiration came from my daughter, who gave up matching her socks a few years ago. On laundry days I would have to spend extra time hunting down sock mates until finally, after a particularly long and unsuccessful search, I confronted her about it.

Me: “I couldn’t find matches for four of your socks.”

Daughter: “That’s OK. I don’t wear them matched.”

Me: “What? Why?”

She gave me a slightly exasperated look (learned from me). “Why should I?”

I had no answer for this. The reply that popped into my mind, “Because it’s what people do,” sounded ridiculous even within the confines of my head.

So I stopped searching for the matching socks, and soon after she started doing her own laundry. But her reply made me question things on a larger scale. How many tasks do I spend time on simply out of habit – with no real benefit? How many daily or weekly undertakings are based on outdated notions or interests I don’t really have anymore?

Thus, I am making 2016 the year of simplification – the year I jettison unnecessary things and tasks. I will pare down belongings to must-haves and most cherished. I will unsubscribe from things that clutter my in-box. I will stop watching TV shows that no longer interest me. I will reassess personal and professional paths to make sure I’m striving for and headed toward things that still matter to me.

I might even stop matching my socks.

It is my hope that simplifying will free up precious minutes I can spend on the people and endeavors that really matter. I’ll try to provide updates on how I’m doing – if I decide that it’s a worthwhile task.

Happy New Year to all. May 2016 bring you joy, peace, and purpose.


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  1. Amen, sister. I will mean to join you in his pursuit and I might occasionally remember. Happy new year to you and one and all!


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