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I’ve been busy and I’ve been traveling and I’ve been “nesting” for the birth of my new middle grade.

Today I had to send a quick note to someone about it and shortened the title — REVENGE OF THE FLOWER GIRLS — to ROTFG.  This amused me, because I realized it sorta looks like an acronym for “rolling on the floor guffawing.” And that’s about right.  There was much mirth associated with the making of this book.

I also hope that readers will guffaw, chuckle, laugh, or at least smile a whole bunch as they read this story.  It’s a romp — but (at least to me) a meaningful one.

Another thing I realized … I’ve neglected to reveal the ultimate, final, no-backs, this-is-it cover art for ROTFG.  I didn’t think it possible for me to love it more than the first version, and yet I do. There is more of a hint of shenanigans. More of a mischievous tone.

Tomorrow, May 27, 2014, is the official birthday of the book. I hope it goes out into the world and makes friends, finds its place, and spreads a bit of joy.  If you see it, give me a report, will ya?  Books are like kids.  After hard labor and years of nurturing,  you set them loose … and they never call.  Would love to find out how it’s faring.

Thanks for reading.

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